Teflon(R) Rings and Sleeves

Industrial sleeves and rings are used in a variety of applications as insulation materials, and for maintaining system pressure and temperature. In the field of industrial sleeves and rings manufacturing, you will generally find that the most popular material used to produce these two products is Teflon(R).

If you are looking for a manufacturer who can produce Teflon(R) sleeves and rings according to your specifications, then China CNC Machining Corp. is the manufacturer for you. We utilize the latest design and manufacturing equipment to produce different types of sleeves and rings to meet your industrial component requirements.

Understanding More about Teflon(R)

This is a synthetic fluoropolymer, and its industrial or chemical name is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon(R) is a popular form ad general term used to describe the polymer.

Teflon(R) provides a variety of benefits that support the strength and durability of sleeves and rings.

  • It is basically designed for high temperature and frequency applications.
  • It has excellent electrical properties
  • It provides enormous resistance to fire and chemicals
  • It is autoclavable
  • It is also resistant to UV radiation

PTFE is also known for being a hydrophobic polymer. This implies that it is completely resistant to water or different types of substances that contain water. It is non-toxic as well.

Why Choose China CNC Machining Corp. as Your Teflon(R) Rings and Sleeves Manufacturer

The unique factor that sets China CNC Machining Corp. apart from all other manufacturers is that we provide a gamut of manufacturing methods to choose from. When it comes to the production of Teflon(R) sleeves and rings, we suggest three manufacturing methods:

  • CNC Plastic Machining: This machining technique is perfect for manufacturing Teflon(R) sleeves. CAD and CAM software allows us to produce components with precise specifications and tight tolerances. Some of the beneficial aspects of this technique include:
    • The optical clarity and surface texture can be change to suit the application.
    • Teflon(R) sleeves with complex features like contours, niches, threading, and angles can be easily manufactured with CNC plastic machining.
    • Custom sleeves with sizes up to 20″ can be produced in one cycle.
  • Tight Tolerance Machining: Our tight tolerance machining equipment is the perfect solution for creating Teflon(R) rings and sleeves in custom shapes and sizes.
    • We utilize high quality, calibrated tooling to produce tight tolerance parts that measure anywhere between a few millimeters to several feet.
    • We always ensure that all our machined products undergo intensive quality control and testing processes to ensure that the product will meet your application requirements.

Applications of Teflon(R) Rings and Sleeves

Teflon(R) Sleeves and Rings provided by China CNC Machining Corp. can be utilized in applications in a variety of industries.