Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does CNC plastic machining mean? Does it really help in achieving tight tolerances?

CNC plastic machining is basically use of Computer Numerically Controlled machinery to fabricate plastics into different shapes, forms, and sizes. It is possible to achieve high tolerances with this process as it involves the use of high-end facilities along with acrylics, Teflon components, Lexan components, etc.

2. How will the services provided by China CNC Machining Corp. benefit my food packaging business?

Food packaging mainly involves the use of plastic and similar polymers for making containers. We at China CNC Machining Corp. fabricate plastic as per your intricate requirement with the help of our state-of-the-art machinery. We also take particular care that the plastic we fabricate does not have any harmful effects on the food items that are sealed in the containers. You can be benefited by our value for money services for the food and packaging industry.

3. I am looking for plastic injection molding services for the casing material of electronics that my company manufactures. Do you provide such services for small volume orders?

We certainly provide plastic injection molding services to small scale industries and companies that need have smaller volume orders. In fact, you can get financial benefits with China CNC Machining Corp. injection molding solutions as we carry out the process in-house at our high-end facility at Chicago.

4. What are the main criteria for the price that you charge?

The price that we quote depends on various factors such as volume of your order, type of service, set-ups involved etc.

5. Should I choose acrylic material for decorative lights that my company manufactures?

Yes, you can make use of acrylic to fabricate innovative and stylish lighting solutions and décor items. We at China CNC Machining Corp. provide you with budget friendly and all-inclusive acrylic fabrication solutions.

6. The lack of storage space in my manufacturing pump is stopping me from giving bulk orders for plastic items. Can China CNC Machining Mfg. Corp’s JIT service help me out with this problem?

Certainly, with our JIT (Just in Time) delivery system, you can place bulk order with us and we will take care of the inventory. In this model, we will deliver the items in installments. We also offer exciting discounts on bulk orders.