Screw Machining Services

Plastic Screw Machining Parts

China CNC Machining Manufacturing Corp. offers custom screw machining services in plastic and metal. Screw machining allows us to produce a wide variety of components for use in different industrial applications.

Our Custom Screw Machining Capabilities

We integrate traditional and contemporary technologies to create an efficient and cost-effective production process. We utilize automated single and multi-spindle machines screw machines. Screw machines are extremely fast and high accurate in producing washers, spacers, inserts, threaded spacers and many other various components.

    • Our Screw Machines:
      • Broaching
      • Counterbores
      • Cross drilling
      • Recessing
      • Threading
      • Countersinking
      • Turning

  • Screw Machining: Our equipment can be used to create prototypes, as well as high volume production components. The equipment is capable of handling stock material in hex, or round shapes.

With this equipment, we can produce parts with features such as slots, knurls, tapers, axial holes circumferential markings, external & internal steps and threads.

custom plastic screw machining parts
Custom Plastic Screw Machined Products

Materials We Work With

We have the capabilities to work with a variety of materials, which allows us to produce prototypes, functional parts, as well as jigs and fixtures. Our material options include:

Benefits of our Screw Machining Services

Customers can gain a variety of benefits by choosing our metal and plastic screw machining services:

  • The combination of automated spindle machines, and screw machining systems allows us to take on simple as well as complex parts manufacturing requirements.
  • Machining attachments can be added to the equipment for secondary operations. This helps reduce costs substantially.
  • We can set up multiple screw machines with multiples set ups to work simultaneously. This allows us to complete the parts manufacturing process within the deadline.
  • As part of our services, we provide complete product assembly. We can assemble the part according to the customer’s instructions prior to product testing and delivery.

The automatic screw machines and CNC Turning centers allows us at China CNC Machining to meet requirements of customers in terms of product specifications, performance, and longevity. For local companies, we can package the products to your requirements before delivering them. We also provide the option of Just in Time (JIT) deliveries. If you would like to know more about our screw machining services, please contact us via email at

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