Custom Designed Plastic Bearings

Custom designed bearings have become a necessity due to the need to upgrade existing equipment, and continual manufacturing of new industrial machinery. While metal is usually considered the standard material for bearings manufacturing, Delrin and plastic machined bearings are now considered as excellent alternatives.

Custom plastic bearings provide a variety of benefits to customers in terms of service life, material options, and cost-effectiveness. Depending on the type of manufacturing material used, they can even be used in applications involving high pressure and temperatures.

Choose Plastic Bearings from China CNC Machining Corp.

China CNC Machining Corp. has the expertise of manufacturing custom bearings. We provide a variety of solutions in terms of material options, manufacturing methods, product features, and other custom specifications.

  • Material Options: For custom bearings, we offer our clients a range of materials to choose from:
  • Delrin is the most popular material for bearing manufacturing. Both Delrin bearings and plastic machined bearings provide various benefits, such as:

    • Stiffness
    • Strength
    • Machinability
    • Abrasion Resistance
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Dimensional Stability
    • Reduced Size and Weight
    • Increased Service Life
    • Cost-effective
    • Resistant to Fungi and Bacteria

Our bearing products are designed to enhance the overall performance of your operation.

  • Manufacturing Methods: The greatest advantage of working with China CNC Machining Corp. is that we possess a variety of in-house machining equipment. Our machining capabilities include:
    • CNC Turning: Our CNC turning services can help you create the right kind of intricate features on plastic machined bearings, such as contours, hexes, and cross holes. We also offer services like facing and boring.
    • CNC Milling: Our cutting-edge milling equipment comprises cutters and multiple axes. This allows us to machine Delrin bearings of any size and shape, and we can also create features like holes and slots in-line. The speed of machining means that we can take on prototype as well as large production runs.
    • CNC Screw Machining: We utilize multi-spindle Swiss machines for long production runs. With CNC screw machining, we can create custom designed bearings with tolerances of +/-.0005 or more.

With our machining services, you can also get your existing bearings modified or optimized for application use. The features that we can modify or optimize include ring sections, surface treatments, custom preloads and clearances, and holes for lubrication.

Catering to a Wide Variety of Bearing Products

These different types of machining services give us the capabilities to produce various types of custom designed bearings, including:

  • Bushings
  • Rod ends
  • Linear bearings
  • Roller bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Ball bearings
  • Spherical plain bearings

Along with our machining services, we also provide rigorous testing and inspection systems. Our systems are designed to test our bearing products in many aspects, including pressure loads, different speeds, and various application environments.

Assorted Applications

Our bearing products can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Ball Screws
  • Rotary Tables
  • Machine Tools
  • High-Speed Spindles

All of China CNC Machining Corp. products adhere to the regulations laid down by FDA and USDA. Nowhere else will you find a better range of materials, products, and services. Contact us today for your bearing machining requirements.