G10/FR4 Machining Services

G10FR4 MachiningServices

Plastic is often used as a covering or insulator material for many electrical devices as it is a bad conductor of electricity. But, not all plastics can be used in this way. Only plastics with certain properties such as resistance to heat, vibration, and so on find applications in this segment. G10 and FR4 are high-pressure glass-reinforced industrial laminates made from glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. They are commonly used as insulating materials for electrical devices and some of these grades are certified by NEMA. The NEMA grades of FR4 are a fire-retardant grade of G10, and hence the latter can be replaced for such fire-sensitive applications including for components in a nuclear reactor, unless G10 is specified for use. China CNC Machining offers G10 FR4 machining services, and we machine several variants of these to offer you the required quality and specification of machined parts. Additionally, we offer cryogenic deburring for a fine finish of your parts.

Types of G10 FR4 Machining Services We Offer

In general, epoxy resins are strong materials and offer a great dimensional stability to a part or product. G10 FR4 is an electrical grade epoxy resin also has other beneficial properties mentioned above. While this material can be easily machined, achieving precision is a challenge; however, we make it possible through our advanced machining capabilities. Additionally, we offer tight tolerances as required and prototypes as well. Here are the G10 material machining services we offer:
  • CNC Turning: We use various turning methods for G10 Garolite. We offer quick turn CNC turning especially for fixtures made of G10. We use several turning processes such as drilling, hexing, tapping, and so on.
  • CNC Milling: We use various milling techniques for G10 fixtures such as drilling, decking, slitting, slotting, and profiling. Based on the requirement, we also offer tapping, contouring, reaming, thread milling, and so on.
  • Cryogenic deburring: We use advanced CNC machines with multiple axes which have cryogenic deburring feature. With this, we can effortlessly remove all the burrs, scratches, and so on effortlessly. Also, this can be achieved without disturbing the dimensional stability or any changes in the structure, shape, and size of the machined part.

Properties of G10/FR4 Material

G10 FR4 material is made by impregnating an electrical glass cloth with an electrical grade epoxy resin, and treating at certain heat and pressure. Here are some of the properties of this material, which make them popular among our industrial clients.
  • G10/FR4 have a high mechanical strength and low water absorption capacity, and this is one reason they are used in electrical applications.
  • G10/FR4 functions well in a wide temperature range without any changes to their mechanical strength and dimensional stability.
  • The grade can be easily machined to the required size, shape, and dimensions.
  • The material possesses excellent resistance against chemicals, abrasion, and heat; therefore, their wear and tear is relatively slow.
  • G10/FR4 is also used in mechanical applications that demand excellent stiffness, strength, as well as creep resistance.
  • The material possesses excellent flammability rating, and is UL listed.

Popular G10 FR4 Machined Parts

As mentioned, both these materials find applications in electrical as well as electronic segments. Here are some popular G10 FR4 machined parts or components:
  • PCBs
  • Electrical seals
  • Fixtures and enclosures
  • Terminal boards
  • Insulators
  • Sleeves

Industries Served

Here are some of the industries where our G10 FR4 machined parts are used: China CNC Machining specializes in plastic parts machining and offer G10 FR4 material machining services. We are experts at offering end-to-end solutions and hence may be your go-to partner for all your G10 FR4 machining needs. Also, in case you want an estimated price, we offer you a quick quote. We are experts at customization, and can customize your machined part to suit your application requirement. All our G10 machining services are performed at our state-of-the-art facility, and we have invested significantly in technology as well as innovation. In case of any further questions or enquiries about our FR4 machining services, you can reach us on phone or inquiry-cnc@made-parts.com.